Use Page filter on only one dimension

I am want to use the page filter “Sprint” to filter the time dimension rows to show the number of Refinement issue types created between the Sprint start and end dates. However, if I apply the page filter “Sprint” it’s universal across all dimensions and thus it will only show Issues Created between those dates for issue type Refinement if that issue type is assigned to that respective Sprint. In other words if I select Sprint = Cycle 2 then any Refinements created between Jan 21 and Apr 3 will only appear in the Issue Created column if they are assigned to Sprint = Cycle 2. If, for example, they are created on Feb 15th, but assigned to Sprint = Cycle 4 then they do not appear in the Issues Created column.

I want to use the Page Filter so I can allow uses of the report to select which Sprint Cycle they want to view, but I want the Sprint filter to only apply to the Time dimension. How would I achieve this?



Measure Issues created shows any issue created in a period and currently related to the dimension selections (in this case, Sprint) used on Pages.

You can use measure Issues created in a tuple with Sprint default member to ignore Sprint selection:

([Measures].[Issues created],

This measure will show you issues created on a particular date, ignoring if the issue was in any relationship with the selected sprint.

You can use a predefined measure Time within sprint as a filter in this report to show days when Sprint was active only. Here is an example report in our demo account where this measure is used as a filter.

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This solution helped me in similar problem. Thanks.