User Defined Measure using the "Hours Spent" Specific group


We need help to create calculated field that
will use the “Hours Spent” measure and give the hours spent by a specific group of users. something similar to :

Filter (
Descendants([Logged by].CurrentMember, [Logged by].[User]),
[Measures].[Hours spent] > 0

Hi @knayak

Thanks for sharing the calculation.
The calculation uses Count() function, that counts all users that have ever been logged hours: hours spent are not taken into account, because Count() does not require numerical expression (as it would be for Sum() function).

I would suggest importing Logged by Group dimension: enable user group import in Jira import options,intervals,andissuelinkfields

When this dimension is imported, use it either as Page filter or in the report rows together with Hours spent measure: in such way, you would sum up hours logged by specific Jira user groups.