User friendly select date range

I understand I can create a range like:

[Time].[Selected date range]  =
  'Jan 01 2014','Sep 30 2016')

But I want to be able to give my users two date entry boxes where they specify this range. Possible?

Hi Martin,

If you have dimension “Time” as rows, you may add two entry boxes for date filter (

Click on time member and select “Filter time.” Chose “>=” and enter the start date for a reporting period. This will remain as one box for date filter.
Then click on time member again and select “Filter time.” Chose “=<” and enter the end date for a reporting period. This will remain as the second box for date filter (see example in a picture below).

To change filter options, users should open the report in Analyze tab. This would limit using this option to Dashboard viewers.

We have a task in eazyBI development backlog to allow adding time dimension in both rows and pages at the same time.

Zane /

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Helpful, thanks!
I’ll give it a try.

We have released eazyBI version 4.6.0. with an option to use any dimension on Rows or Columns and Pages as well. You would like to put the dimension on Rows/Columns. Then select an option Pages that should appear for the dimension.

This is a bit different way how your users can select time periods for reports.

Hi Zane,
How do I get the sum (total) of the requests resolved between two date ranges in a measure?

--------------------------------------I am writing below query:----------

Aggregate([Measures].[Issues resolved],
DateBetween([Time].CurrentMember.Get(‘Resolved at’),‘2019-01-01’,‘2019-05-01’))


How do I get the monthly data for 2 date ranges as 01 to 15 of every month and 16 to 30 of every month?