User measure field imported from csv not showed when included Project Dimension


We are trying to get a team capacity table by component. Row: Assignee, Column: Component. Then select the Due date by the user dedication obtained by an external csv.

  1. Imported data from csv --> mapped Assignee with user id and dedication with new measure

  1. If you select Assignee as ROW and measure=dedication in COLUMN, you can see the data mapped from the csv file

  2. PROBLEM: If you include the project dimension to select the component as column or page or row, the dedication field imported from the csv and mapped to the assignee, it gets empty value.

Is there any filter conflict?

Thanks in advance.


The limitation here is that your additional measure is not mapped to any other dimension than Assignee. The behavior of eazyBI in such cases is that the measure is represented only at the top-level member of the “unmapped” dimensions and disappears when trying to use it with specific members of the “unmapped” dimensions.

The workaround is to create a custom formula that would ignore other dimensions for this measure than to which it is mapped:


Janis eazyBI support