Using REST API to import all members vacation data in Fiesta in one go

Hi ,
I am using Fiesta with Jira, and I am able to import one member’s vacation data in Fiesta to EazyBI with REST API by following source data URL
However, this URL only works for one member each time, I need to import data for more than 100 members… Is there a better to do import for ALL members in one go?
Thanks for your help!

Hi @Ssun,

If the REST API returns data for a single user, it is not convenient to have a separate data source for each user. You might want to look for another REST API or data source to get data on user vacations.

You might want to get the following columns of data for the best results:

  1. a user name that has a vacation. Map this column to some user dimension.
  2. a vacation date. If a vacation is ten days long, then data should have a separate row for each date. Map this column to the Time dimension.
  3. Counter or vacation days. You might want to set the value “1” for each row. Map this column fo Measures.

Then the data mapping might look like in the picture below:

Zane /

Thanks for your reply, this is pretty much same as what I expect.
The problem is I can only get one member’s vacation data by following source data URL, as there is only one user xxun there. But I don’t know how to modify the URL to get multiple members’ in one go. Can you let me know how you did that? Thanks a lot!


I can help you with data mapping once data are retrieved in eazyBI. Unfortunately, I can not advise how to modify the REST API of other apps like Fiesta or what are alternative options to retrieve data from the Fiesta app.