Velocity shart showing incorrect sprints for few squads

I tried to use the Sprint velocity chart available in EazyBi. For few of my squads, the chart is showing more no.of sprints compared the condition i have kept. I have given a condition to show 10 closed sprints. But its showing some random past sprints as well. Please find the attached screenshot for reference. What could be the possible reason. I tried to use a Time filter to restrict the number of bars, but dint work.

The highlighted area is the correct data representation i.e. 263 to 272. The sprints right to it are wrong ones.


The velocity chart in eazyBI shows all the sprints from all boards having any issues according to the page filters in the report. You may wish to filter in the report by the respective board, not all Closed sprints:

Janis, eazyBI support