Venn Diagrams using eazyBI

Dear Community,

I have a requirement to generate a Venn diagram (eg- I have jira tickets for Front end change, Back end Change, UI only changes, DB changes etc, and some of the tickets could be a combination of these.(ie, Front end and back end in the same ticket).) I wanted to draw a venn diagram to show these different types and their overlaps. is there a way to represent this in Jira?

Hi Shibu,
Currently, in eazyBI, there is no Venn diagram, although we have a feature request about this, and I will add your vote to it.

Meanwhile, you can use MDX or other eazyBI charts to represent your data. How do you define whether the Jira ticket is front end, back end, or another type? Is it defined by a multi-value field or in some other way?

Gerda //