Verifying the accuracy of History of Unresolved Status with JIRA filter

Dear Team,
I have been given a task to roll out the eazy BI charts in our projects after a data accuracy check is done
I created a JIRA filter to provide the total number of issues in a particular Status.
The eazyBI data import had just finished.
in the EazyBI, I found 1 issue showing less in the chart for the current week on the timeline. would there be a justification for this?
Kind Regards,


You may try to debug the report in the following ways:

  1. Is the missing issue imported in the cube at all?
  2. If you select “Issue” dimension issue level members in rows, what status for that issue do you see in measure “Issue status” when you select this measure in columns?
  3. What measure do you use in your report for the context (to show or calculate issues)?

Perhaps you could export and share the definition and the JQL (Jira filter) you use in Jira to compare results with?

Martins / eazyBI support