Want a custom measure to add the efforts added on Separate tickets if the effort is added on same date

How do I create a custom measure in Easybi to calculate the efforts entered by a single user on multiple tickets on the same day?
I’ve attached a ScreenShot for reference for the highlighted rows I
want a custom measure that can add the efforts of both.

Hi @Ali,

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​If you use the standard logged hours in Jira, you might use the measure “Hours spent” together with “Logged by” and “Time” dimensions, and no need to use the “Issue” dimension.

​The attached screenshot hints that the “Issue Duration” is a property for a specific issue. If you can import that as a measure, you might use the measure “Duration Created” together with the “Time” and “Reporter” dimensions.

If you have imported the numeric value as a measure, you might not need the Issue dimension on report rows, and you might benefit from aggregation of values over categories.

Currently, the buildup of “Efforts in Hours” is not clearly defined. Therefore, a clear and verified answer is not possible.

If you need further assistance, please send the report definition ​Export and import report definitions
​to support e-mail.

​Oskars / support@eazyBI.com