Want to show only reocrds which meets criteria

Hello All,

I want to display only records which are meeting my search criteria. For example, If issues which have crosses due date in jira should be displayed?

How can I achieve the same?

Pushpkant Garg

Hi Pushpkant,

In eazyBI are several options how to filter data. The most common are page dimensions and functionality to Filter rows by measure value.

For example, to filter issues with passed due date using page dimensions, you may add Time dimension as pages and select measure “Issues with due date” as columns. Then you may select any time member and get issues with a due date in a selected period.

To filter issues with passed due date using Filter rows, you may set Issue dimension as rows and select issue property “Issue due date” as columns. Then click on “Issue due date” column header and select “Filter rows”, and an option “<” (less than). In a filter enter relative date value “today”.

You may combine both filtering methods in one report.

Zane Baranovska / support@eazyBI.com