Weekly page not working


I have create 3 calculated members:
“Last 4 weeks”
“Last 8 weeks”
“Last 12 weeks”

With the following (example) definition:


So, I use them in a “Time page”, but when I select
“Last 4 weeks” : I have only 3 weeks showing
“Last 8 weeks” : I have only 5 weeks showing
“Last 12 weeks” : I have only 7 weeks showing

So, if you have any idea why ? You’re welcome :smiley:


I have just looked at the details, and I see some missing weeks. How is it possible ?


Hi @cdemez,

Some weeks are missing from the Time dimension calculated member “Last 12 weeks”. eazyBI generates Time dimension members dynamically. Suppose there is an action on a particular date (issues created, resolved, updated, transitions, etc.). In that case, eazyBI will add that date and its upper-level members (week, month, quarter, year) to the Time dimension.

In cases when dates are missing, you can generate them. Please see more details regarding that on our documentation page - Time dimension.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com

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