Welcome to the community!


Welcome to the eazyBI Community! This is a new community site where eazyBI users and partners can share their experience, ask questions and suggest new ideas.

We want to help our customers to get the valuable insights out of their data. Therefore we focus on providing good support to our customers – both solving technical problems as well as understanding their business needs and suggesting better reports and metrics that would be useful for them. We describe the most common eazyBI usage scenarios and sample reports in our documentation. But sometimes there are some specific tips & tricks that do not fit well in the general documentation but we would like to share them with other eazyBI users.

There are also many expert eazyBI users and partners who have built interesting solutions using eazyBI and who would like to share their eazyBI use cases or just some interesting calculation formula or data import example. Several eazyBI long-term users have asked for a place where they could do that.

And sometimes if you have an eazyBI question it might be useful to ask it not just to eazyBI support but also to other eazyBI users. Probably some other eazyBI users have thought about your question and could provide valuable comments.

This is why we have created this eazyBI Community site. Please sign up and join the conversations!