Which dimensions to use? and How to calculated members/measures?

Hello community,

I have imported JIRA source data based on JQL,

Result A : project = P1 and issuetype in (T1, T2, T3)

Result B : project = P2 and issuetype in (T4, T5)

Result C : project = P3 and issuetype in (T5, T6)

Question 1 :
I want to know first what I’m going to use as dimenions in columns and rows ?

Question 2 :
I tried to put in columns the dimension [Measures]. For example, for the column « 3 – 7 days », i tried to create a new calculated measure as follows :
" 3 – 7 days :"
Descendants([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
DateDiffDays([Measures].[Issue created date], Now()) >= 3
DateDiffDays([Measures].[Issue created date], Now()) <= 7
And in the rows i used the dimension [Issue] with the calculated member
« Resultat A » for example using the following code :
WHEN [Issue].[Project].Name = ‘P1’
Descendants([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
[Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.GetString(‘issuetype’) = “T1|T2|T3”

But my calculated measure and member are not displaying what I want.

Besides, if the result is empty I want show either 0 or an empty cell (i.e the colum must be displayed even if all its cells are 0 or empty)
Can you please help me on this?

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You may want to import issue Age interval dimension, where all unresolved issues are grouped by their age (days since created until now).
To import Age interval dimension, you may want to select option “Interval dimensions” in import options screen, tab “Additional options”.
Read more here: https://docs.eazybi.com/display/EAZYBIJIRA/Jira+Issues+Import#JiraIssuesImport-AdditionaldimensionsforusergroupsandIntervaldimensions

In the report rows, you may want to use Project and Issue type dimensions to show issue age by project and issue types.
Going through all issues looking for they types would be very slow.