Will the calculated column/status time be added or overwritten?


I have a question regarding my workflow. I completed a task in the “In Development” column and moved onto the next phase “, Ready for Code Review”, which took me two days to finish. However, I later realized that I made a mistake in the previous task that was already in the “Ready for Code Review” phase, and I needed to make some adjustments.

What will happen to my metrics if I move the task back to the “In Development” status/column? Will the original time of two days be added to the one day of adjustments, or will only the new time of one day be considered, and the old time ignored? I would appreciate any clarification on this matter.

Hi, @Sergio_Morais

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It depends on the measures you have selected and the report context: what dimensions you have selected in the rows and columns.

For example, “Days in transition Status” will count together the time (2 days + 1 day) spent in status. But if you have the Time dimension in the rows and the next period has already started (day/week/month/year), then it will count to 2 days to one period and 1 day to the next period.

To help you with this, I need more information. Please send the report definition and the description of problem to our support: support@eazybi.com

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