Would like to add 5 years to a date field in a report


Within an asset report EasyBI I would like to take the purchase date of an asset which has been imported and create a new field that is a (purchase date + 5 years) to create a refresh date to then show in a graphical format.

Is this possible?

So far I have the below but that is just using the purchase date



Hi, Christine

I answered you in a private conversation, but I will put this replay here as well, for others to find.

This is possible; we have “Added calculated” to work with parallel Times. Please see where to find it in the picture below.

I would suggest starting from there. After choosing the “year ago” this will automatically create the new measure, that will end with “…year ago”. Please choose edit to this new measure and see the formula. You can use that formula to create your new calculated measure, the difference is - you need to add 5 years and Status - In Use. The final formula would be something like this:

[Measures].[Objects with Laptops Purchase Date],
[Laptops Status].[In Use],
DateAdd('yyyy', -5, [Time].CurrentHierarchyMember.MiddleDate)

This is for Laptops; please create another measure for the Desktops. Also, you can use “Drill through” to see the Laptops/Desktops.

Use these measures in the bar chart to see the Assets that need to be refreshed.

Let me know how it went.