Wrong calculation of members when using pages

I’ve created a calculated member which shows the percentage of tickets in a certain status compared to all tickets combined:

Issues with Status A / All Issues = %

The calculation itself works fine, however if I combine this with “Issue Type” as a page the whole calculation is off:

Page “Issue Type” = BBB (90 issues)
Issues with Status A / All Issues = 0%

Page “Issue Type” = CCC (10 issues)
Issues with Status A / All Issues = 100%

Page "Issue Type = BBB,CCC (100 issues)
Issues with Status A / All issues = 50%

The calculation is done for each page, then summed over all pages and divided by the number of pages. So instead of getting the result of 10/100 (10%), I do get the result of ((0/90) + (10/10))/2 (50%).

When using the dimension as a row instead of a page the results are calculated and displayed correctly but this would make the table not suited for the purpose and the use of a graph impossible.

Is there any way to fix/correct/configure this kind of calculation?


Hi Erik,

In this case, you could create calculated measures using tuples
Try this example for one of your statuses.

  [Measures].[Issues created],
  [Measures].[Issues created],
  [Status].DefaultMember --all statuses

It should also work when you add “Issue Type” dimenion to page filters.

Martins / eazyBI support


unfortunately tuple do not solve the issue. From a first test it even creates more unpredictable results:

Compliant % = [Compliant].[Compliant].[Compliant] / [Compliant].[Total]

Compliant Tuple = ([Measures].[Issues created],[Compliant].[Compliant].[Compliant])/
([Measures].[Issues created],[Compliant].[Total])

The dimension issuetype is selected as page and 2 issuetypes are selected.


Hi Erik,

Please confirm that you created this calculated measure in “Measures” dimension.

Martins / eazyBI