Wrong results after a field name change in Jira

Hello everyone,

As it’s complicated to explain, I’ll give you an example:
In Jira we had 2 Customer request types: “Internal Application Support” and “Application Support”.
We decided to rename them “Application Support” and “Tools Support”.
If this change was successful in Jira, all tickets were renamed. In EazyBi, before the change it only displayed “Internal Application Support” tickets. Now it shows me results including “Internal Application Support” + “Application Support”. It’s as if EazyBi doesn’t take name changes into account.

I imported the data again, but it didn’t change anything. The only solution I found was to go to each ticket, change the customer request type and put it back. EazyBi then takes the change into account in the results.

As I have over 10,000 tickets… is there a way to “refresh the data”?

Any help or advice will be most welcome. I wish you a pleasant day

Ok, I solved the problem. In Source Data, I had done “Import” and not “re-import All data”. By re-importing all, now the data is up to date.

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