XMLA support in easyBI?

Hi easyBI community,

Does anyone know if easyBI, or should I say the used Pentaho server / Mondarian engine, support XMLA or MOLAP?

Pentaho’s reporting UI is good for developing MDX queries, checking data quality or a quick analysis. However, it is not well suited for reporting in larger organizations IMHO. Therefore, I would like to use existing reporting systems with easyBI and query the data via XMLA or similar.

Is that possible? (not talking about the Java API)

Currently we do not support connection to external OLAP servers via XMLA. We embed Mondrian OLAP engine and then generate dynamically Mondrian XML schema as well as we add many additional MDX functions.

If you have an existing star schema with fact and dimension tables then you can use Private eazyBI and define a custom Mondrian schema for this existing database https://docs.eazybi.com/eazybiprivate/set-up-and-administer/customization/custom-schema-definition
If you have an existing XML schema you will need to rewrite it to the Ruby mondrian-olap syntax (which I think is much more readable).

Hello Raimonds,

Thanks for your reply.
I am actually looking for the otherway around: I want to access easyBI (for Jira or Private / Standalone) from an XMLA Client. Meaning: star schema in easyBI, data in easyBI and query from let us say MS Excel, another BI or reporting tool etc.

I will have a look at the Ruby mondrian-olap option. If data can go in that way, then maybe it can also be retrieved that way. :wink:

No, currently we do not provide support for XMLA clients and we are not planning to do this as well. Our strategy is to provide an integrated server and a client because we add many extensions to the standard Mondrian OLAP engine.