Xray Tests With Executions Measure by custom field value

For our Xray Test Issues, we have a custom Jira field (not Xray field) that is Test Type with the options of Manual or Automated. I want a Measure that gets the count of all unique Test issues that have Test Type = Automated which are assigned to a Test Execution. My dimensions (rows) are based on sprints as I want how many Automated test cases were added to a test execution per sprint.

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Kari Fralick

Hi @Kari_Fralick

You can import the “Test Type” custom field as a dimension in your account and then use the Dimension in the Columns section of your report.

Next, you can define a new calculated measure “Xray Test Type” with a formula like this:

    Descendants([Xray Test].CurrentMember, [Xray Test].[Test]),
      [Measures].[Xray Tests created],
      [Xray Test].CurrentMember,
      [Test Type].CurrentHierarchyMember
    )) > 0
  ([Measures].[Xray Test Runs],
  [Test Type].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember)

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