'0' Values appearing for some reason

Hello - I’m a bit confused as to why some rows are appearing with 0 values but no issues meet the filter criteria (and therefore shouldn’t appear at all):

As the above shows, I’m filtering only those “Scrum Teams” = Guardians and there are no issues in the “Avengers_Sprint_05” that match that criteria.

Any ideas?

Anyone who can shed any light on the above? Confusing the h*ll out of me (and also making my bar graphs looking bad :rofl:)

Update…I changed to using the ‘plain’

[Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed]

and not

CoalesceEmpty ([Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed],
[Measures].[Story Points history])

Seemed to have removed any entries with 0…

Hi Alex,

Depending on the formula, MDX calculation can return zero. But to avoid showing zero as a result when it is not necessary, you can wrap the whole calculation in a NonZero(…) function.

Lauma / support@eazybi.com