2 or more annotation groups

Can user defined measure be in more than 1 annotation group at a time? For example, I want a calculated measure called “Completed Test Points” in a group called Test Metrics and Firmware Metrics.

Is this possible? If so, how do I code this?

If not, please add to features backlog.

Hi @Chuckcox12,
Currently, a measure can be added only at 1 annotation group.
Maybe better it would be to create a new group that would be a bit more generic and not so specific for shared measures? Having a measure in more than 1 group would double it in Measure dimension and it would get a bit crowded there within time.
But if you don’t think it is not possible like that, then could you share more details about the use case when this would be necessary?

Gerda // support@eazybi.com

Hello Gerda,
Thank you for your reply. Here is the use case I am trying to achieve. I want to categorize my custom calculations by the use type, i.e. issue type, assignee, priority. But then I also want to categorize by what project or business group this custom calculation was created for.

For example, Avg Sightings per Day would be in one group called Sightings Measures and one group called Firmware Calculations.