75 Percentile Workdays by Status

Hi Community!
I’m looking forward for a report similar to this one below:

But I would like to use Percentile 75 Workdays by status instead of Average days.
Anyone done something similar to that?

Hi @arodriguezu

Please check this community thread to calculate the percentile

Martins / eazyBI

Thanks for your answer @martins.vanags .
I just tried and mainly it is working but I found a problem; In some cases that are < 0.01 Workdays in transition status it is not calculating correctly the Percentile. Kindly find below an example:

Note: I’m almost sure that is related to low values as when I pick less amount of issues (without 0.00… values, it works fine)

Is there a chance to make the formula not to include < 0.01 values?

Thanks in advance!


You are right, that behavior is due to values < 0.01.
Unfortunately, these small values are not being imported with more decimals and we don’t have a good workaround for that.

Martins / eazyBI