a. I need to generate the below report from Jira Service Desk using easyBI but seem I cant do it, below is the report that I need, please help me.

i. It should have the below columns
1. Ticket Name
2. Ticket Created date
3. Ticket Resolved Date
4. Ticket Closed Date
5. Time took to respond
6. Time took to resolve
7. Time took to close
ii. I should be able to apply filters by Week, Month, Priority
iii. It should have colors for the columns if SLAs are not met
1. Time took to respond
2. Time took to resolve
3. Time took to close
iv. Able to export it to PDF


The first step would be importing Service Desk SLAs (Time to respond, Time to resolve, Time to close) into eazyBI. How to import them, please, read here: https://docs.eazybi.com/display/EAZYBIJIRA/Jira+Service+Desk+custom+fields#JiraServiceDeskcustomfields-JiraServiceDeskcustomfieldimport

The second step would be creating a report:

  1. Add Issue dimension Issues in the report rows - the ticket name and key would be in the first column; you may switch to show only issue Name or Key (click on any row and select “Display name” -> Without key)
  2. In columns, add the following measures:
    Ticket Created date: “Issue created date” (Measures > Issue properties)
    Ticket Resolved Date: "Issue created date" (Measures > Issue properties)
    Ticket Closed Date: “Issue closed date” (Measures > Issue properties)
    Time took to respond: "Time to respond Elapsed hours" (Measures > Service desk)
    Time took to resolve: “Time to resolve Elapsed hours” (Measures > Service desk)
    Time took to close: “Time to close Elapsed hours” (Measures > Service desk)
    Additionally, add issue properties
    "Issue Time to respond Breached", "Issue Time to resolve Breached, “Issue Time to close Breached” to display status breached/not breached
    Read more about the mentioned measures: https://docs.eazybi.com/display/EAZYBIJIRA/Measures+and+dimensions (properties) and https://docs.eazybi.com/display/EAZYBIJIRA/Jira+Service+Desk+custom+fields#JiraServiceDeskcustomfields-SLAmeasures (SLA measures)
  3. In Pages, add “Priority” and “Time” dimensions to filter the report by issue priority and time. If you want to filter by weeks, select the Time dimension Weekly hierarchy.
  4. Use conditional cell formatting on columns “Issue Time to respond Breached”, “Issue Time to resolve Breached, “Issue Time to close Breached” and color"Breached” in red and “Not breached” in green. Read more about cell formatting: https://docs.eazybi.com/display/EAZYBI/Create+reports#Createreports-Conditionalformattingoncells
  5. After saving, you will be able to export report in different file formats, including PDF, if this option is set up. Read here how to set report export to PDF: https://docs.eazybi.com/display/EAZYBIJIRA/Export+to+PDF

Hope it would help you to create the report!