Ability to Change eazybi Owner to group or a way to alert whole team

HI guys! I was wondering if there is a way for us to modify existing eazybi account owners or a way to assign it to a group of users. This is because when an import error occurs we would like the whole team to be notified instead of just one user who made the eazybi account.

Import error notification email

If the scheduled data import fails with an error , eazyBI would automatically try to reimport data after 10 minutes and repeat these attempts for 9 more times. After the 10th unsuccessful import attempt, a notification email would be sent to the owner of the eazyBI account and the user who authorized data import from Jira


Hi @dealseekerpinky,

Based on your request also in eazyBI support mail, I added it to our backlog for further considering.

As I mentioned in email for now a workaround could be set automatic forwarding of e-mails to other people about import error.

Gerda // support@eazybi.com


I’d love to see this feature too!

At many companies I see Jira admins adding their admin group to newly-created Jira projects. Being able to repeat the same pattern for eazyBI accounts would be lovely. :trophy:

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