Ability to create groups dimensions from any user field

We have a number of customer user fields, including one we call “Epic Assignee” to tag each story with the user who is the assignee on the epic (we maintain this data with scripts). I would like to create a group dimension, based on this user field. The goal is to have a report against these stories with a dimension that allows me to report by group of the parent epic assignee.

I think this may already be logged (and I may have logged it), but I could not find it in search, so logging here.

Hi @grandeau!

I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you about this! Unfortunately I do not have good news as eazyBI does not allow to create a user group dimension for other than default user-picker fields. @martins.vanags added this to eazyBI backlog based on your request some time ago and I upvoted this request again, but no estimates for now.

If you are maintaining the Epic Assignee with a scripted field, maybe there is an option to get the Epic Assignee group in the same way? Scripted field does not need to be displayed in the Issue screen, but it can be imported to eazyBI as a dimension.

Lauma / support@eazybi.com