Ability to specify global colors for specific measures

One of the rules of building reports and dashboards is that the same measure should have the same color. This helps people quickly identify these measures and makes it possible to relate all the reports in a dashboard.

Currently, this can only be done by editing every report in your dashboard. A color has to be picked manually and this process has to be repeated many times. If a specific report is used on different dashboards, this process gets harder to manage.



We were thinking that we could probably store the default color for a measure in measure annotations (where we store, for example, measure groups or disabled drill actions). We have a possibility to add custom annotations for calculated measures but, currently, you cannot specify custom annotations for stored measures.

I was thinking that from the UI perspective probably it would be better that when you specify a specific color from the color picker then we could add an option there to set the selected color as the default color for this measure (and then we could store it in measure annotations). Do you think that this would be the best place where to specify it?

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Yes, that would be a great place to have it! (in the UI where you select the colors)
And since we’re on this topic, it’d be great to be able to save your own, your company’s, etc, custom colors so that others can use them.

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