Able to have an option to open all the drilled issue in Jira Issue Navigator

Dear developers,

I would like to request a feature (button) on your EazyBI that I can open up all the drilled issue in jira issue navigator in a search form.

Refer to the screenshot

And then once I click the button “Open all issue in Jira Issue Navigator” it will redirect mo to this part of the Jira software.



thanks for the idea!

We are limited to Jira JQL query limitations as we pass issue keys to it. Therefore comes 100 issue limitation.
One option would be to add pagination options in a drill through issue screen to open next 100 issue, this idea is still in consideration.


Thank you for your feedback

Hello, we could use this as well. I can imagine several ways how to solve this:

  • Pagination as mentioned above.
  • Bulk change - Users usually wants to work with those issues so this could be shortcut to user need. For example set label for further search. There might be problem that such think might need popper JQL. Such limitation could by bypassed by batch update instead of regular JIRA bulk change or by following point:
  • You could temporarily create several filters and chain them together. For example 500 issues would have 5 filters, each with 100 issues and then there would be sixth filter grouping them together. It is basically solution proposed here:

To be honest, last two solutions may require quite extensive development so I will understand when you will prioritize other task. I just wanted to let you know that there are more people who could sue this and also there are alternative solutions.

Thanks for consideration!

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hello, thanks for the input. can you kindly provide an update and due date for the resolution? thank you. Regards Gerd

Hi @ilze.leite ,
We could use this feature as well. Is this already added to your Backlog? Is there a link where we can cast our votes?

This improvement is on our backlog, but there is no suitable solution yet. Sorry, I can not give any estimates when it will be solved. We will post here on any advance we make on this task.

Zane /