About query performance of the report

I have made a report about tasks completion schedule deviation
The rows is every developer(more than 50)
The columns includes:
(1) Total number of tasks completed
(2) The number of tasks completed on time(the actual completion date is less than or equal to the completion date of the plan), the corresponding program is as follows:

[Measures].[Issue type] <> ‘Bug’ AND
[Measures].[SV] <= 0

explanatory note: sv is a custom fields in Jira for calculating schedule variance,and this value(sv) already import to easyBI

The program is successful, But the query is to slow, and query time often fails for more than 60 seconds, I want know whether this program can be optimized, or there are other system optimizes


Going through all issues in calculation can be slow, but it might not be the only thing that slows the report down. To understand all report context and consider improvements in report performance, it would be necessary to analyze all report context.
Could you please send me the report definition to support@eazybi.com. Address this to Lauma and add link to this conversation so my colleagues know the beginning of conversation :wink:

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The mail has been sent ,thank you

Hi Lauma, I have also very similar problem where my report loads however when I try to drill through issue it fails on error suggesting to make query simpler.

I am trying to Display open issues per assignee user group for which I use following calculated member:
CoalesceEmpty([Assignee].CurrentMember.get(‘Groups’), ‘’)
MATCHES ‘.(^|,)pex($|,).

Is there anyway to optimize this so it loads faster?

Hi @Tomas_Pesko!

I am truly sorry the notification of your follow up question did not reach me and I have only now discovered you posted a reply!

Instead of using Aggregate(…) function to group all users, I would suggest selecting Assignee user group import which would create a dimension with Assignee groups. Using user group dimension will make the Drill through faster!

Please let me know if you have further questions regarding this!
Lauma / support@eazybi.com

I have also question,so I come here get some new ideas,The above said“ selecting [Assignee user group import ]”What it does that mean? I clicks link but still understand

Hi @zhouxu!

In the eazyBI source data edit screen under Additional options, it is possible to select User group import. This would create new dimensions for the Jira user groups, and instead of using, e.g. Assignee dimension to filter your report results, you can filter by the Assignee group.

Lauma / support@eazybi.com