Access grants and jira user groups

Hi there,
I would add all of the jira users in my jira cloud as viewers of the eazybi reports.
To do that, I’d just add the jira-software-users group as viewer to the account I’d use, but I came to 2 questions:

  1. is jira-software-users limited to my jira cloud or is it general for all atlassian jira accounts?
  2. is my eazybi reachable from outside Jira?



The scope of the access rights in the eazyBI account is limited to the Jira instance where you have the eazyBI app installed. Although many sites may have a group with the same name as your group, only users from your Jira site will be allowed to the eazyBI.

The data of eazyBI, by default, is accessible only for the authorized users of the eazyBI account. The only option to make data publicly available for non-jira users is when you share the reports with the access token:

Janis, eazyBI support

thanks very much @janis.plume