Accessing measures of a different jira ID in a new calculated member


I have this use case: Calculating the total amount of spent effort on an item and all of the related links.

For this, I’m planning to introduce a new dimension that shows the original item with the time logged showing to total amount of effort, including the linked ones.

What I have so far, as a test, is the ability to retrieve the key of the linked item(s):

const issueLinks = issue.fields.issuelinks;

if (Array.isArray(issueLinks)) {
  issueLinks.forEach(link => {
    const id =;
    const type = link.type;
    const inwardIssue = link.inwardIssue;
     **issue.fields.customfield_TEST** = inwardIssue.key;

Question is, once I have the key, how can I access it’s measures, like timespent ?

Thank you!

Hi @Remus_Morosanu

I recommend looking at our demo report here Stories with Bugs details - Issues - eazyBI Demo Training - eazyBI measure “Hours spent on linked Bugs”. Replace dimension and property “Bugs” in the formula with the name of your imported Issue Link field.

If you have not imported your issue links as a dimension, you can learn how to do that in this community page - Import issue links as dimension

Best wishes,

Elita from