Accumulated data filter by epic

We have a report in which grouped by epic the data of Estimated, Spent and Remaining time in the subtasks that belong to Story are shown within each epic.
Different calculations are made on this data at epic and project level.
The problem is that there are a number of epics that should not be included in the report. Putting a filter by name in the report, these are not shown in the list but the accumulated Estimated, Spent and Reamining at project level does not change, when they should decrease because the idea is that this total does not take into account the values of the subtasks that belong to the story within the filtered epics.
Could you tell me how I can get this?
Thank you


Could you please elaborate below questions,

  1. What is your query for accumulating epics.
  2. what is the filters you used for remove not required epics.


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In order to obtain the data grouped by epics, the issues of each project are shown in the Epicas hierarchy.

In order not to include epics that should not be taken into account, I use an Epic Name filter in the report



In this case, try creating a new calculated member in the “Issue” dimension
And make sure it is saved in Issue.Epic hierarchy (see pictures below).

Try this code:

[Measures].[Issue Epic Name] <> "Correctivos"
[Measures].[Issue Epic Name] <> "Soporte"

Then you could enable your calculated member and expand to see all epics below it.

@Ganesh, thank you for asking good questions on this thread.

Martins / eazyBI support

Thank you so much for your help! That’s exactly what I was looking for