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Hello everyone.
I saw in that community space formulas that are supposed to be used for active sprints filtering. But in fact all formulas take future sprints as well because one of the main criteria for a filtering is an existence of start date (example is below). Start date may exist in future sprint and then such logic does not work to filter out really active sprint. Does anybody know how to define formula based on status or anything else to filter out only active sprints?

     NOT [Sprint].CurrentMember.getBoolean('Closed')
  NOT isEmpty([Sprint].CurrentMember.get('Start date'))
-- ordering by start date across all boards
[Sprint].CurrentMember.get('Start date'), BASC

Hello @Konstantin_Frolov

See this: Active (multiple) sprints story points burn-down - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI

Filtering is done based on sprint status (among other criteria):
[Sprint].CurrentMember.get('Status') = "Active"

Hope it helps!
Vasile S.

Thanks, I also just found in demo environment full formula:

NOT [Sprint].CurrentMember.getBoolean(‘Closed’)
IIF (IsEmpty([Sprint].CurrentMember.get(‘Status’)),
NOT isEmpty([Sprint].CurrentMember.get(‘Start date’)) ,
[Sprint].CurrentMember.get(‘Status’) = “Active”)

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Reports in demo account can be exported and then imported in your account, thus all calculations will be immediately available!

Kind regards.

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HI @konstantin

@VasileS is correct: there is available sprint status.

Moreover, you may use Sprint dimension by Status hierarchy: Select Sprint by Status hierarchy sprints in the report rows; then add the same dimension and hierarchy in Pages and select the needed sprint status from the dropdown to show only sprints with that status.

There is also a predefined “Active sprints” calculated member in the Sprint dimension: it looks not only on the sprint start date but also on the sprint status (Active), so it should still be a correct solution if you want to use Sprint default hierarchy.