Adaptavist Management shows different numbers

We are using both TM4J and EazyBI for reporting and we’ve noticed differences between the results provided by the two tools. We would like to know if this is a known issue and if you guys have an explanation for it.

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Hi @diarra2339,

eazyBI does not duplicate Test Management for Jira (former Adaptavist Test Management) built-in reports, although both have the same source of data. In eazyBI, we try to pull in all relevant data from which eazyBI users could build custom reports suited for their quality assurance processes and key performance indicators.

Building analyses for testing always is a challenge as each test could be in multiple executions, and each cycle may contain several test cases. eazyBI pulls in all those various relations between test cases and test cycles and their result statuses so each user can take the results they are interested in.

For example, measure ATM Executions represent all executions (planned, in progress and completed) for each test. As a result, a test case could be represented several times if it is executed several times. Those results might match TM4J built-in report “Test execution results (summary)” for a selected test plan with all test executions (see picture below).

More on available measures and what they represent are in the documentation:

Note that eazyBI is a non-real time analytical tool, which means that TM4J data are refreshed once or a few times a day in eazyBI. And reports most likely won’t contain the latest execution results (changes after last data import).

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