Add ABV and EBV into the dashboard

How to add ABV and PDV into the dashboard.

Can Someone help me out on this.

Thanks in advance

Hi @MaheshwarReddy,

What do those abbreviations ABV, EBV, PDV stand for in your use case? And how do you register those parameters in your Jira?

Anyhow, you might with watching a series of short training videos (5 to 12 minutes each ) explaining the main principles of how to get data in eazyBI and how to represent them in reports and dashboards: Training videos

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Hi Zane,

Thanks for replying.

Actual Business vale(ABV), Predicted Business Value(PBV) Those are integrated internally in Jira and these will not be created during creating an issue.

Maheshwar Reddy Maccha

@MaheshwarReddy, if Actual Business vale(ABV), Predicted Business Value(PBV) are issue custom fields in Jira, you should import them in eazyBI, and then you can add those fields to reports.

Please see this documentation page on how to import custom fields: Data from Jira - Jira Custom Fields

When custom fields are imported, it will be available for your eazyBI reports.

Hi Zane,

I have checked during import but there are no such terms. It is defined as BV but i could not find the business value as measure after importing.

Could please share a screenshot that could be helpful.

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Maheshwar Reddy

First, in import options, tab Custom fields, look for issue fields ABV and PBV. Here is documentation with screenshots: Data from Jira - Jira Custom Fields
If you find them, then mark both fields for data import and Import data.

If you do not find those fields in import options, then you should enable those custom fields for data import.

  1. In Jira, check the custom field ID.

  2. In eazyBI advanced settings, add settings to enable fields for data import. Here are more details: Advanced settings for custom fields.
    The code might look like this if the field value is some text:

    data_type = "string"
    dimension = true

    Or like this, if field values are numbers:

    data_type = "decimal"
    measure = true

    Where NNNNN is a custom field ID in Jira. You should use the found value from step 1.

  3. Return to Import options, tab Custom fields, and select ABV and PBV fields for data import. Import data to get those new fields available for your reports.