Add custom fixed data (hardcoded) to table/chart

Hello eaziBI community,

I have a chart that currently shows the following measures per week (open issues, resolved issues, created issues, not due issues). The last is a custom measure whose definition is not important right now.

In the screenshot, I manually edited a yellow line, that is originally not part of the eazyBI chart.
I would like to know if it is possible to print that line there, whose data shall be given by me in a hardcoded way, not taken from the database. That is, adding a value for each week and then printing that as a line.
Is that possible?
I suppose I could define a calculated measure that gives a value depending on the time. But I do not know how to do that.

Thank you in advance for your insights.

I managed to do it :slight_smile:
It does what I want, although I am open to suggestions. I created this calculated measure:

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Hi @JReno,

​You might have used the .Key property of the weeks to retrieve the relevant - that comes as an integer. The unexpected behavior might be that the .Key would also react to days or months.

​However, the string comparison also works, yet you might change the conditions to “less than” or “greater than” as the comparison is made between strings “W02” and “W02, Jan 09 2023”. They will never be equal.

Still, there is a little-to-no difference from the point of performance.

​Oskars /