Add float type Insight Custom fields to Jira Import options

Hi there,

We have Jira Datacenter and im trying to extract some info in my EazyBI from objects in Insight that are used in a Jira project.
Is there a possibility to add the Insight float field to the list of Insight Custom fields?

I’ve tried to add
insight_object_attributes = [
{name = “Budżet”, data_type = “decimal”, dimension = true, measure = true}

but this give error

org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: numeric field overflow
Detail: A field with precision 15, scale 2 must round to an absolute value less than 10^13.

In case
insight_object_attributes = [
{name = “Budżet”, data_type = “string”, dimension = true, measure = true}
In advanced settings this give no result

Hi @marekgra,

​Insight object attributes can only be imported as properties for the relevant Insight object customfield.
​They cannot be imported as numeric measures or separate dimensions.

​You might read more about importing Insight attributes here - Insight Asset Management.
The closest option to the dimension functionality is creating a custom hierarchy based on the property - Custom hierarchies.
​However, the measures functionality would require the iteration through the imported objects to calculate the sum of the relevant object properties.

​Oskars /

Hi Oskar,
I did that like You writed. Insight object attribute “Budżet” is set as float.
If information in Insight Asset Management about (…) attribute names case sensitive with their respective data types string, text, integer, decimal, date, datetime, boolean(…) are truth why it doasn’t work with float type? I don’t want chage Insight object attribute “Budżet” as string and it not possible to chenge as decimal type