Adding a Team page where it uses the current assigned team rather than a point in the past

I’ve just started exploring EazyBI and was trying to get a created vs resolved issues over time report behaving the way I’d like - I’ve added Team to the page and wanted to show issues based on the team they are currently assigned to rather than the team which was used at the point where the issue was created.
Is something like that feasible, and if so where should I look to understand better how to achieve it.


The expected behavior of the standard measures (e.g., Issues created, Issues resolved) with the custom fields should be exactly as you describe it. The current value of the Team will be considered once you filter the report by Team. If you use the Time dimension in the report, the issue counts will be represented in the report by the issue creation or resolution date, but the Team filter will be by the current value.

Perhaps, some details on how you build your report would be helpful to understand your case better.

Janis, eazyBI support