Adding level to hierarchy above Epic

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to add Stories from another projects as a new level on top of the Epic level in the standard Epic hierarchy?

This is our full hierarchy in Jira:
Project: Programmes
=> Programmes (Epic) => for example PROG-1, PROG-15, PROG-25, PROG-118, etc
==> Change Project (Story) => PROG-2, PROG-3, PROG-16, PROG-17, etc

Any Epic from any other project will be linked to the Stories above with “is a Child of”
===> Epics from other projects are linked by “Is a Child of” (outward being “Is the Parent of”)
====> All issues below Epics as in the standard Epic hierarchy

And we don’t need the top Programmes (Epic) to show in our hierarchy. Only to add the Change Project (Story) on top of the standard Epic hierarchy as follows:
Project: Programmes
==> Change Project (Story) => PROG-2, PROG-3, PROG-16, PROG-17, etc

Project: other Projects
Standard Epic hierarchy (the Epic will be linked to Stories above with “Is a Child of”
===> Epic
====> Parent
=====> Sub-task

We don’t have Portfolio and I have tried different methods with a new hierarchy and even adding a bit of JavaScript but couldn’t achieve much.

If you need more information please let me know. but if it is not possible at all, I would accept a simple NO as a successful answer :slight_smile:

Thanks so much in advance!

Hi @Abraham_Cabrera_Vald,

Issue links are a significant part of Jira functionality and might hold a lot of business logic. You may import linked issues, whether they are in the same or another project.

Every issue in a custom hierarchy has a place. The issue type is the main tool for how eazyBI asserts in which custom hierarchy level issue belongs, and custom fields for links state the order of hierarchy levels. Therefore I do not recommend building a custom hierarchy if you have the same issue type for more than one hierarchy level.

In your case, first, you might want to change the issue types for project “Programme”, use custom issue types to represent what those issues mean. For example, use issue type “Programme” and “Change Project” instead of Epic and Story.

Then you may build a new issue hierarchy representing your use case:

==>Change Project
===> Epic
====> Parent
=====> Sub-task

Then, follow the instructions with examples on how to build a new issue hierarchy: 14.

Check out also Community topic on how to build a hierarchy with a similar structure (two additional levels above Epic): Looking to get all issues by initiative

Zane /

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Thanks so much for your time and for your very detailed answer confirming that @zane.baranovska! :slight_smile: