Adding Max and Min to Average days in transition status

Hi folks,
I am relatively new to EaziBI, and I was playing around with adding a statistical function to my measure – Average days in transition status.
I use this report to see total amount of days for each month that issues were in a status. I would also like to have two separate reports that shod the lowest and highest amounts, and I thought using min/max is correct for this.
However, when I add the function, values stay exactly the same: maybe someone could point me to what am I doing wrong? Thanks!

also this is my avg days measure

Hi @mpavli

The standart calculations Min and Max won’t work in the case when you need to iterate through issues to get the transition duration.
You would need to create calculated measures for both functions to iterate through akk issues that made the transition from a particular status and then find the max value from them.

Try this formula in new calculated measure for MAX transition days:

CASE WHEN [Measures].[Transitions from status] > 0 

  [Measures].[Transitions from status]>0
  [Measures].[Days in transition status]

A similar code can be used for MIN function.

Martins / eazyBI support