Adding trend line to stacked bar percentage chart

We have a report of issues resolved monthly by type, view stacked, bar, percentage.
Stakeholders would like to have a trend line for the percentage bugs.
I have not been able to capture the combine percentage and average together

Hi @owen,
To achieve this report the sequence of actions is important.
The first create Bugs % measure:

CASE WHEN [Measures].[Issues resolved] > 0
([Measures].[Issues resolved],
  [Issue Type].[Bug])/
[Measures].[Issues resolved]

Then add a trendline to this measure with eazyBI standard calculation:

Then drill into measure Issues resolved by issue type:

Add Bugs % and Linear trend Bugs % on separate axis and the result is this:

Gerda //

Thank you Gerda.
I need to filter by Project - If I add project to pages and select the appropriate Projects, the Bug % calculation results in Zero

Hi Owen,
Then it could be that there are no resolved bugs in your selected project?



@Owen , please check if you have formatting ##.## % Decimal percentage for your created measure Bugs %:


Thank you Gerda.
That worked

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