Addition options JQL query filter

Hi, I’m trying to filter my data by applying a filter which should get tickets with specified assignees.
The filter I’m trying to apply looks like this:
assignee in (“,"")

When importing is done I can see that tickets are imported correctly and I get exactly the same number as I have in jira while using this filter.

But the main problem is that Assignee dimension have a full list of all available assignees from my projects in Jira. There are now issues for those users, but they appear in my reports as empty rows and columns and I need to apply extra filterin in report. Is it something that can by adjusted when I import data into eazyBI?

Thank you

Hi @Tatyana_Terehova ,
The assignee dimension is a historical dimension. Thus if you import issue change history, then you will have a list of the all previous assignees from the issues where the current assignee is user1 and user2 (or your JQL: " assignee in (“”,“”))

If you don’t use historical measures, you can unselect issue change history in the import options and empty the cube and reimport the data to remove all the not needed assignees from the dimension.

But if you need the historical measures, then you can create an aggregate member in the assignee dimension for filtering (but the other assignees still will be visible in the complete list):


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