Advanced JQL in EasyBI

Hello, I need Your help. I have specific jql in JIRA and I don’t know how create on this JQL report in easyBI.
Could somebody help me?

MY JQL: category = “Tribe Core Banking Platforms” AND (labels = CBP_RUN_PO_CL OR issueFunction in issuesInEpics(“labels="CBP_RUN_PO_CL"”) OR issueFunction in subtasksOf(“labels="CBP_RUN_PO_CL"”) OR issueFunction in subtasksOf(“issueFunction in issuesInEpics("labels=‘CBP_RUN_PO_CL’")”)) AND issueFunction in aggregateExpression(“Total timespent”, “timespent.sum()”)


Hi @Gabriela ,

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Correct me if I mistaken. The JQL revolves around a particular label, and you want to retrieve the total number of logged work from issues with the label, their parents, or their Epic or parent Epic has the particular label.

Unfortunately, that is not a straightforward feat in eazyBI. The idea is to iterate through Issue dimension “Issue” level members and check whether the particular issues, their parents, their Epics, or their parent Epics label matches the desired one.

There are several approaches to determining the Parent and Epic issue labels and passing them down to their children. I recommend issue link field dimensions - Issue link field dimensions. You can find an example for “Epic Label” in the linked documentation page. Use the example and define a similar linked field dimension for “Parent Label”. Import both into eazyBI

After these steps, define a new calculated measure that will check the presence of the label in all the relevant issue levels and sum the “Hours spent” value for them:

    -- issue, parent, Epic, parent Epic with hours spent and the label
      ([Measures].[Hours spent],
      ([Measures].[Hours spent],
      [Parent Label].[app_1])
      ([Measures].[Hours spent],
      [Epic Label].[app_1])
    ) > 0
  ),[Measures].[Hours spent]

Update the label app_1 to fit your use case.

Please review the eazyBI documentation page for more information on defining calculated measures - ​Calculated measures and members.

Roberts //