Advanced Roadmaps in eazybi


We have Jira premium and have Advanced Roadmaps enabled.
Neither I see a “parent link” dimension nor I see what’s described in this link

If you use eazyBI on Jira Cloud, you would need to enable Roadmaps features by adding these lines to eazyBI advnced settings:

enable = true

Please find more details in this chapter on how to enable Advanced Roadmaps hierarchy for eazyBI when using it on Jira Cloud: Advanced Roadmaps custom fields

“parent link” would not create a dimension but rather be used to create a custom hierarchy levels for “Issue” dimension.

Martins / eazyBI

Thank you! This is what I was not doing right. The NNNN, I was using “Theme” instead of actually entering the customfield id. This was unclear how to get that id.

hierarchy_levels = [
{name = “Initiative”, issue_type = [“Initiative”, “Programm”]},
{name = “Feature”, issue_type = “Feature”},
{name = “Epic”, issue_type = [“Epic”, “Improvement”]},
{name = “Parent”},
{name = “Sub-task”}

NNNNN should be the Jira custom field ID for the Parent Link field

Martins / eazyBI

Hi … I am in the process of downloading the Advanced Roadmap hierarchy to our Cloud hosted eazyBI. We have in Jira the following hierarchy

In our import script I have the following (based on the hierarchy above) to create hierarchy within Issue.


hierarchy_levels = [

{name = “Initiative”, issue_type = [“Initiative”]},

{name = “Epic”, issue_type = ["Epic”]},

{name = “Parent”},

{name = “Sub-task”}

Can someone verify If this is correct. Made a few unsuccessful attempts to download.
Thank you

It seems that you are using the wrong custom field ID for the hierarchy definition.

It must be the field customfield_ID not customfield_ParentLink
See more about the definiton here: Advanced Roadmaps custom fields

Here is how to find the custom field ID in Jira:

For example in my screenshot (see below) the Parent field ID is 10018

Martins / eazyBI

That worked. Thank you

Hi Martins,

If the level between Epic and Sub-task is called “Story”, why is it defined as “Parent” in this example? In others words, shouldn’t the {name = “…”} in the hierarchy_levels correspond to the actual level name being used in the Advanced Roadmaps hierarchy configuration in Jira?



This is very good question.

We usually use a name “Parent” (as a parent story for sub-task) because in various cases at that level, issues can have issue types: Stories, Bugs, and Tasks.
We believe the name “Story” as a level would be confusing as it would include not just stories.

In your case, you can choose the “Story” name for this level. Just rename this level in the hierarchy and reimport data as explained here:

Martins / eazyBI

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Great, thanks Martins!