Advanced Roadmaps in eazybi


We have Jira premium and have Advanced Roadmaps enabled.
Neither I see a “parent link” dimension nor I see what’s described in this link

If you use eazyBI on Jira Cloud, you would need to enable Roadmaps features by adding these lines to eazyBI advnced settings:

enable = true

Please find more details in this chapter on how to enable Advanced Roadmaps hierarchy for eazyBI when using it on Jira Cloud: Advanced Roadmaps custom fields

“parent link” would not create a dimension but rather be used to create a custom hierarchy levels for “Issue” dimension.

Martins / eazyBI

Thank you! This is what I was not doing right. The NNNN, I was using “Theme” instead of actually entering the customfield id. This was unclear how to get that id.

hierarchy_levels = [
{name = “Initiative”, issue_type = [“Initiative”, “Programm”]},
{name = “Feature”, issue_type = “Feature”},
{name = “Epic”, issue_type = [“Epic”, “Improvement”]},
{name = “Parent”},
{name = “Sub-task”}

NNNNN should be the Jira custom field ID for the Parent Link field

Martins / eazyBI