Age interval not showing correctly


I have a report which is based on Jira-issues and measures issues last updated. The report is showing issues that was last updated in age intervall (0,7,14,21,28) by days. But this is not showing correctly. By that i mean that the age intervall is not showing the correct intervall on issues that was updated at exactly the same time (day) but have different intervals.

E.g i have 12 issues that was updated 08 oct. but is showing intervals from 28-… to 21-27 to14-20. On the other side i have 2 issues that where last updated 15 oct and both are showing 00-06 which is correct. I’m a bit confused why the report is so unstable in showing sometimes correct and sometime inccorect.

I have attached a screenshot of the report for better understanding of the problem. The dates in the report is representing when the issues where last updated.

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Hi Peder,

Please find the documentation page about interval dimensions in eazyBI

Note that “Age interval” calculates the difference between the creation date of issue and today’s date. And this difference is how the issue is grouped in the Age interval dimension.

It is not based on the update date timestamp but on the time when the issue was created.

Note that Age interval includes unresolved (issues without a resolution date in Jira) issues only.

Martins / eazyBI team