Age Report with Custom Time Measurement

Has anyone created a custom Time Measurement Category for the following

0-3 Months
3-6 Months
6-12 Months
1-2 Years

2 Years

I am trying to create a report in the following format. I appreciate any assistance from the eazyBI community.

I would suggest using some interval dimension for this. If you would like to count currently open issues in a specific age (from issue crated date till now) please use Age interval dimension.

You can specify intervals by days there, for example, use custom intervals: 90,180,365,730 to match periods using days approximately.

Here is my report for this.
I do not have open issues older than 1 year in my demo data:

eazyBI by default has an option to import Age interval (created date till now for unresolved issues) and Resolution interval (crated date till issue resolution date for resolved isuses). Interval dimensions are not imported by default, you would like to select them explicitly. eazyBI builds a sample report Issues by age interval and priority if you have Age interval imported into the account.

If needed there is an option to define and import a custom interval dimension based on other rules as well.

Daina /