Ageing report of Jira incident


I wants to prepare the above ageing report on open tickets in EazyBi where at the end of a week the report will display the number of incident which is having age between 0-3,4-7days and so on but it should not be updated in the next week if the issue will be resolved.

For example: On 13Nov 0-3days ageing ticket count is 91 and this value will remain same for that week in the report in future also if 10 issue will be resolved out of 91 incident in the next week.

Please suggest.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Sandipan,

What you are looking for is quite a complex calculation - for each interval, you would need to create a separate MDX calculation that goes through the set of all issues and sums how many days it has been open since its beginning and till the end of the period. These calculations could be built based on a similar formula for Average age of Open issues in this demo report Average age till resolution report - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI, but they could get quite resource-consuming.

I would like to suggest you use the Age and Resolution interval dimensions instead

Let me know if you have further questions regarding this!
Lauma /