Aggregate Advanced Roadmaps Initiatives

I am trying to sum up the Story Points Completed for 3 Advanced Roadmaps initiatives into 1 value. (see my formula below). Can someone help me with the syntax, or, if there is a better option than using Aggregate. I am trying to get this 1 value into a single column. Thanks.
[Advanced Roadmaps Strategic Initiative].[ITP-9],
[Measures].[Sprint Story Points completed],
[Advanced Roadmaps Strategic Initiative].[ITP-97],
[Measures].[Sprint Story Points completed],
[Advanced Roadmaps Strategic Initiative].[ITP-3],
[Measures].[Sprint Story Points completed]
The error message says 'Formula not valid:
All arguments to function ‘{}’ must have same hierarchy.

Hello @thaynemunson ,

It seems you are missing brackets defining the tuples to be aggregated in your formula.
Depending on the further use of the received result - you might create it in different ways.

If you would like to aggregate values for these three Initiatives - for now - ‘Sprint Story Points completed’, but you might add other measures later, then you might define a calculated member in the dimension ‘Advanced Roadmaps Strategic Initiative’.

The MDX Expression for the calculated member would be as follows.

[Advanced Roadmaps Strategig Initiative].[ITP-9], 
[Advanced Roadmaps Strategig Initiative].[ITP-97],
[Advanced Roadmaps Strategig Initiative].[ITP-3]

You could then use this calculated member with the measure ‘Sprint Story Points completed’.

If you want to calculate the value for just this measure as a separate measure - you might use the Sum function below.

[Advanced Roadmaps Strategic Initiative].[ITP-9], 
[Advanced Roadmaps Strategic Initiative].[ITP-97],
[Advanced Roadmaps Strategic Initiative].[ITP-3]},
 [Measures].[Sprint Story Points completed] )

If this did not solve your request - please write to, and we will try to help you.

Kind regards,
Oskars //

Thanks Oskars. The new measure works great. :smiley: