Aggregate fixVersion status across multiple Jira projects

Our releases(fix versions) are worked on by multiple teams across multiple Jira projects. I’m trying to create a high level dashboard that shows overall fix version status across all the teams (Jira projects). Similar to the Jira releases page that works at the individual project level.

I can use the [Fix Version by name] to get the following

I would like to use the first row as the entry in our dashboard.

Is there a way to populate the version start and end dates by selecting the dates from one of the projects for example project1?

Hi @pdaly

As you can see in your screenshot, the same fix version can have a different start date and release date in different projects.
Therefore, there should be a question of what is the correct result on the version level in such report (which project to pick from).
Assuming you would like to cover all the issues from all projects on the Fix version level (in your report) you could try the following code (earliest version start date)

[Fix Version] = "Fix Version.By name"
[Fix Version] = "Name"
Childrenset([Fix Version.By name].CurrentHierarchyMember),
[Measures].[Issues created]>0
DateToTimestamp([Measures].[Version start date])
[Fix Version] = "Fix Version.By name"
AND [Fix Version] = "Project"
DateParse([Measures].[Version start date])

It would return the earliest version start date. You can use this new calculated measure instead of “Version start date” in your report.

And then similarly you could use Max function in that formula to return the last date from Version release date

Martins / eazyBI support