Aggregate isn't work for more than 5 Reporter User

My EazyBI Source Data has 24 projects, but my team has only 40 people (its mean that has more people in this 24 projects) I need do a report that, for some projects aggregation, give me the amount of Bugs with status closed for each member of my team and the amount of Bugs with opens status for each member of my team.

I have a calculated measure calls “B Hom Closed” with

([Measures].[Issues created], [Issue Type].[Bug], [Status].[Closed])

Another calls “B Hom Open” with

([Measures].[Issues created], [Issue Type].[Bug], [Status].[Open]),
([Measures].[Issues created], [Issue Type].[Bug], [Status].[In Progress]),
([Measures].[Issues created], [Issue Type].[Bug], [Status].[Review]),
([Measures].[Issues created], [Issue Type].[Bug], [Status].[To Test]),
([Measures].[Issues created], [Issue Type].[Bug], [Status].[Test]),
([Measures].[Issues created], [Issue Type].[Bug], [Status].[In Verification])

In Columns, I will show “Bug Homolog Open” with:

  [Measures].[B Hom Open],

And “Bug Homolog Closed” with:

  [Measures].[B Hom Closed],

And “TeamHomolog” with

  [Reporter].[Adely Pacheco Rodrigues],
  [Reporter].[Adely Pacheco Rodrigues [X]]],
  [Reporter].[Alexson dos Santos Barbosa],
  [Reporter].[Amanda Aparecida Castro Ferreira],
  [Reporter].[Ana Paula Freitas da Silva],
  [Reporter].[Anderson Silva Sousa],
  [Reporter].[Beatriz Alves Da Silva],
  [Reporter].[Brunna Paula de Carvalho de Lima],
  [Reporter].[Bruno Pareja Farina],
  [Reporter].[Bruno Pareja Farina [X]]],
  [Reporter].[Carolina Correa dos Santos Lima],
  [Reporter].[Clovis Jose Artoni],
  [Reporter].[Clovis Jose Artoni [X]]],
  [Reporter].[Edson Martins Pinto],
  [Reporter].[Edson Martins Pinto [X]]],
  [Reporter].[Fernanda Santos Baldi],
  [Reporter].[Gabriel Victor Ramalho],
  [Reporter].[Geovana Goncalves Ferreira],
  [Reporter].[Jonathan Rodrigues Guimaraes],
  [Reporter].[Julia Damazio Teixeira],
  [Reporter].[Julia Damazio Teixeira [X]]],
  [Reporter].[Kays Lucas Vaz e Silva [X]]],
  [Reporter].[Leticia Cassiano Brandao],
  [Reporter].[Lorena da Silva Correia],
  [Reporter].[Lorena da Silva Correa [X]]],
  [Reporter].[Luana Agunzo],
  [Reporter].[Maria Leila Couto],
  [Reporter].[Maria Leila Couto [X]]],
  [Reporter].[Mario Ramos],
  [Reporter].[Misael Vieira de Camargo],
  [Reporter].[Natan Manoel Mendonca],
  [Reporter].[Nayara de Siqueira Silva],
  [Reporter].[Paola Vieira Gimenez Castro],
  [Reporter].[Paola Vieira Gimenez Castro [X]]],
  [Reporter].[Priscila Ferreira Alvares],
  [Reporter].[Rafael Narvaes],
  [Reporter].[Rafaela Yasmin Gomes],
  [Reporter].[Regiane Natuba Araujo],
  [Reporter].[Regiane Natuba Araujo [X]]],
  [Reporter].[Renata Almeida da Costa],
  [Reporter].[Rodolfo Goncalves Hermenegildo],
  [Reporter].[Soraia Regina Parros],
  [Reporter].[Soraia Regina Parros [X]]],
  [Reporter].[Thiago Paoliello De Castro Guimaraes],
  [Reporter].[Tiago Dos Santos Barboza],
  [Reporter].[Tiago Ferreira da Silva],
  [Reporter].[Tiago Ferreira da Silva [X]]],
  [Reporter].[Walter Fagundes Palma],
  [Reporter].[Yonara de Brito Pereira]

The PROBLEM is: When “Team Homolog” has 10 [Reporter].[User] works just fine, but when I put all the users, I can’t “Drill through issues” for see the issues AND EazyBI often give me the error:

Failed to parse query, try to make query simpler. Or maybe saved report uses deleted calculated member. Error message: All arguments to function ‘{}’ must have same hierarchy.

My Table:

In Row has Project dimension, and “Trem XXXX” is “Aggregate ({/list of some projects/})”, for example “Trem Derivativos” is:

Aggregate({[Project].[Derivativos Com CCP], 
           [Project].[Derivativos Estruturados],
           [Project].[Derivativos Sem CCP],
           [Project].[Opções Flex sem CCP]

Hi @RebecaAdamuz,

I am not sure you have created all your calculated members in the proper dimensions.
For example, the dimension Reporter should have Aggregate(…) functions grouping Reporter members. So the TeamHomolog should not be in Measures dimension, but in Reporters, dimension and the measure Bug Homolog Open would be a simple tuple:

  [Measures].[B Hom Open],

Furthermore, I would like to suggest creating an aggregate in the Status dimension for all Open statuses (this is the name I give to the aggregated member in Status dimension) to simplify the B Hom Open to a similar calculation as B Hom Closed

([Measures].[Issues created], [Issue Type].[Bug], [Status].[Open statuses])

(Or use Status dimension category level, which already aggregates Open and In Progress statuses based on Jira configuration.)

Also, do consider if you need to use the tuples for all the members. Perhaps a page filter for Issue Type selecting bug and drilling into Issues created default measure for various statuses would be more straightforward (see Create reports).

Let me know if you have further questions regarding this!
Lauma /


Everything is working after I put the Reporter aggregate in the Reporter Dimension instead of in Measures

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