Aggregate multiple propertys in one mdx function

Hi Community,

i would like to build a report which shows all Client/Server Modells in one table report. The Modells are in different Object Types.
I try to build it like this but it doesn’t work

The point is if i create an custom hierachy with f.ex. Client modell it works but i can only select one custom hierachy but i want this for multiple propertys

How did eazyBi build the custom hierarchy. Do you now the MDX for it?

Pls help me with this topic thanks


eazyBI does not support using several hierarchies of one dimension in the report. You would like to select one hierarchy and use it for the report. Any calculated member should aggregate only members of the same hierarchy.

You can address several hierarchies of the same dimension via Measures, though.

Do I understand this correctly? You have two objects Client and Server (PHY). They both have an attribute Modell referencing to the same object. eazyBI does not offer to combine them into one common hierarchy or dimension where you would be able to analyze both servers and clients by this model.

You would like to use measures to count objects related to the same model.

I would suggest using a default object hierarchy and select Objects with type model for the report. Then use custom measures to count Clients and Servers with this model.

count clients with this modell:

([Measures].[Objects created],
 [Object.Client Modell].[Client Modell].GetMemberByKey(

count servers with this modell:

([Measures].[Objects created],
 [Object.Server (PHY) Modell].[Server (PHY)  Modell].GetMemberByKey(

Here I used object default hierarchy by object type and selected Person. I used measures to count Assets where the persons are owners and Projects where the person is a lead using formulas similar to the ones suggested above:

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